Friday, January 13, 2017

Disqualification Motion Allegations Include Serial Code of Judicial Ethics Violations Against Judge James Towery

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Judge James E. Towery
An exhaustive, 57-page motion to disqualify controversial Santa Clara County Judge James Towery recently was filed in a family law dissolution case. A court whistleblower provided a copy of the filing to Commission on Judicial Performance Report. The motion is embedded at the end of this post.

The motion includes allegations that Towery engaged in multiple violations of the California Code of Judicial Ethics, and conveyed gender and other forms of bias against Susan Bassi, the respondent in the divorce case. Court whistleblowers assert and have documented that flagrant gender bias against divorcing wives who helped start or run family businesses is common in the Silicon Valley family court system.

Towery has generated controversy throughout his career in government, including a tumultuous stint as president of the State Bar of California Board of Trustees from 1995-1996, and an unexpectedly abbreviated 10-month term as state bar chief trial counsel, 2010-2011.

Over the objections of local court watchdogs, Governor Jerry Brown appointed Towery to the Santa Clara County Superior Court bench in 2012. Prior to his appointment, Towery held an "of counsel" position at Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck in 2011-2012, and from 1989-2010 had partner status at Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel, Inc. The judge graduated from Emory University School of Law in 1977.


Daniel Majhor said...

If you have ever had a court case in Santa Clara County, this story probably does not surprise you. The default modus operandi is CORRUPTION. If you get any charges against you, you are GOING TO GET CONVICTED. They get money for every arrest and more money for convictions. Then they give you a huge fine on top of all that. And they get reimbursed for every day that you spend in jail. The feds pay it all. The public defenders are basically plea assistants, it is assumed that you are guilty. Fuck them all, their reward may not come in this life, but karma has a way of catching up to those who perpetrate evil.
Prosecutor make false assertions of nonexistent previous convictions to insure that a defendant will plead out to avoid a long prison sentence. I have seen this happen personally. I also researched and found that the alleged prior conviction was invented out of thin air. Despite documenting all of this to the judge, the prosecutor still got his dirty conviction to add to his record. The fact that many judges come from a background of having been prosecutors scares the hell out of me. Of course they are going to have a bias against defendants. And that is unfair in a system where the defendant has so little power already. The criminal court is nothing more than a conviction mill that helps fund the exorbitant salaries of the employed attorneys and judges there.

:) said...

Karma is approaching :)

Duke Sean Schuermann said...

More Karma for these crooks who believe their are "above the law" ...

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