Monday, April 4, 2016

Embattled CJP Director Victoria Henley Gets Earful at California Assembly Budget Committee Hearing

In this video clip, Commission on Judicial Performance whistleblower and court reform advocate Joe Sweeney testifies at a California Assembly Budget Committee hearing on March 28, 2016. The commission is solely responsible for oversight and accountability of judges in the state. 

Several days before the hearing, Sweeney's court modernization and reform organization, Court Reform LLC, released a 78-page report which raised questions about CJP judicial misconduct statistical data and how the agency spends taxpayer funds. 

The report, Why a Spotlight must be put on the Commission on Judicial Performance, also charged that CJP operations are shielded by an excessive and unprecedented level of secrecy for a government agency. In this four minute video, Sweeney explains to the committee the methodology and results of Court Reform LLC's six month investigation into the policies and practices of the CJP.

Sweeney also requested that the Legislature order an audit of the commission, and withhold additional funding for the agency until it could prove that taxpayer funds were being used efficiently.  

Controversial CJP Director Victoria Henley offered a rebuttal, contesting the accuracy of the Court Reform LLC Spotlight Report. In an op-ed published several days later by the San Francisco and Los Angeles Daily Journal newspapers, Sweeney, in turn, dissected and refuted Henley's rebuttal point-by-point. 

CJPR will publish additional video - including Henley's rebuttal - and reporting on the landmark hearing, and on the still-unfolding drama.  


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