Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sacramento Superior Court Racketeering Allegations Eerily Similar to 1994 San Diego County Court Corruption Scandal

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An alleged racketeering organization composed of judges and local attorneys who work in the family law division of Sacramento County Superior Court bears striking similarities to criminal activity uncovered in San Diego County in 1994.

A recently unearthed editorial from the Los Angles Daily Journal provides a firsthand account of the court corruption that sent San Diego judges James A. Malkus and G. Dennis Adams to federal prison, and put judge Michael Greer on federal probation for three years. The editorial is embedded at the end of this post.

Also sent to prison was attorney Patrick Frega. A prominent local attorney, Frega was named "trial lawyer of the year" in 1984 by the San Diego Trial Lawyers Association.

An ongoing investigative news report recently updated by Sacramento Family Court News, an online, nonprofit journalism organization, documents Sacramento Family Court judge-attorney collusion that in many respects is virtually identical to the collusion identified by federal prosecutors in the San Diego criminal case. The SFCN report is available at this link:

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