Sunday, November 16, 2014

CJP Inaction Against Contra Costa County Judge Laurel Brady Enables Serial Unauthorized Practice of Law by Court Appointed Receiver

Receiver Kevin Singer Receivership Specialists - Hon. Laurel Brady Contra Costa Superior Court - Commission on Judicial Performance California Chief Counsel Victoria Henley CJP - California Supreme Court - Attorney General Kamala Harris California
Whistleblower leaked court records indicate that Judge Laurel Brady
enabled the unauthorized practice of law by receiver Kevin Singer.
Court records leaked to CJP Report by a government whistleblower indicate that Contra Costa County Judge Laurel Brady aided and abetted the unauthorized practice of law by non-attorney court appointed receiver Kevin Singer.

The records are embedded at the end of this article, or available at this Scribd link.   

Singer is not a member of the State Bar of California yet was permitted by Judge Brady to file an unlawful notice of motion and motion for order. 

Court appointed receivers have limited powers defined by statute, and are not permitted to practice law unless they are a member of the state bar, according to attorney Peter Davidson.

A judge who aids and abets the unlawful practice of law is subject to discipline for committing conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judiciary into disrepute, according to the Commission on Judicial Performance

Judge Brady has not been disciplined or otherwise held accountable for the misconduct. The whistleblower leaked court records are posted below. For the law and legal authorities that prohibit, and define the unauthorized practice of law, click here.

Court watchdogs have documented that receiver Kevin Singer has engaged in the unauthorized practice of law throughout California. 

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